Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Do you know how many actual cattle ranchers there are in the entire area?

Want to venture a guess?

1, and he's a hobby rancher with cows there only part of the year.

His name is Pat Povah; his family used to run the Hamilton Stores general stores in the park; his brother Terry and his mother Ellie used to be my boss!

But, regardless of that fact, that's a false choice. So much justification of bison management practices sets up one draconian solution against one that's even worse - then people justify choosing one instead of seeing that the choice is a false one. (the Royal Teton Ranch deal in the north was one; the moving of quarantined buffalo to the Turner ranch was another).

But, it's also clear that my account failed to reach you because one of the points of it was to show how abysmally awful the practice of hazing is ... that set up as an alternative to anything - no matter how awful - this isn't an alternative.

An impossible task I set up for myself ... because you really have to run some of that gauntlet to understand it, and you can try to convey it with words ... but if you aren't pre-disposed to feel what the words on a page mean, they will fall flat like every other maddening abstraction (like your false choice).

Posted by Jim Macdonald to Jim's Eclectic World at 5/13/10 10:16 AM
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