Wednesday, February 6, 2008

[Jim's Eclectic World] New comment on Hey Park Service! Don't bulldoze Yellowstone buff....

Mike McCord has left a new comment on your post "Hey Park Service! Don't bulldoze Yellowstone buff...":

So I've read this whole blog now, and I can't believe that you take yourself seriously. I mean, really? The smell of buffalo pancakes is everywhere.

Nineteenth century transcendental English poets couldn't have taken you seriously. And ol' Ed Abbey probably would have thrown a beer in your face. And ol' Ed hated wasting beer, my friend.

Here's a news flash: Yellowstone isn't in any danger of running out of bison. And if for some reason it did run out, Ted Turner's just up the road. He's got plenty of them.


Posted by Mike McCord to Jim's Eclectic World at 2/6/08 5:43 PM
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