Sunday, June 1, 2008

[Jim's Eclectic World] New comment on A delightful trip into the park.

Mike McCord has left a new comment on your post "A delightful trip into the park":

First off, let me comment on why I "push away" all that "philosophy stuff" with a "wave of [my] hand." Ready? Here it goes . . . .

It's boring.

All that, "I think therefore I am," crap. Booooring. All I know about philosophy is that John Stuart Mill of his own free will on half a pint o' shanty was particularly ill.

Philosophy, like poetry, is for people with entirely too much time on their hands who like to paint the world in terms that just don't make sense to the vast majority of us. Of course, I'm not saying that to be insulting. I'm saying it because it's true.

Secondly, I wasn't trying to send you into a tizzy there, Jimmy. I was just trying to bond with you a bit by sharing a personal experience I had in the park last week. One in which I witnessed first hand some of the secondary effects of this past winter's culling.

I'm not completely heartless, despite what you may think. I thought some folks out there might be interested in knowing that this years efforts by the Montana DOL and the park service has resulted in an above average number buffalo calves being taken by bears and wolves this spring because the herds are so small and spread out. I mean, that part of it isn't exactly national news, now is it? In my own way, I was actually supporting your side of the argument.

The whole killing wolves and bears to protect buffalo comment was just me ribbing you. How do you not get that yet?

I know how you feel: Man vs. Nature is bad. Nature vs. Nature is okey-dokey. And that working to protect buffalo is just one part of the overall effort to fight the many, and varied, injustices throughout the world.

See? I get it.

Lighten up, will ya?

And one more thing: You said that we like to pretend that it's still about simple things. Well, let me tell you, my friend, life is what you make it. The world is a cruel, humorless bitch if you want it to be. Or it can be as pleasant as a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon.

For me, it is about the simple things. It's about family and friends. Tall tales around a campfire. Listening to wolf howls in the Lamar Valley after sunset. And beer.

Actually . . . it's mostly about beer.


Posted by Mike McCord to Jim's Eclectic World at 6/1/08 3:56 PM
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