Friday, June 20, 2008

[Jim's Eclectic World] New comment on Newspaper article misrepresents Buffalo Allies pos....

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Well, this is an interesting "CYA" response, now that everyone knows Corrientes aren't the cause. Poor "Buffalo Allies of Bozeman" - another group who doesn't have a clue. How do you know bison didn't cause this? - the investigation isn't complete! Are you aware of the 1983 US Animal Health Association report showing free ranging bison infecting cattle with brucellosis? I doubt it. Do your research. Learn the real story. The GYA bison are up to 50% seropositive. Don't believe the "exposure" malarky to explain that. The antibodies are antigen driven - meaning there must be bacteria present in the animal's body to cause a positive blood test. A positive animal is NOT immune - quite the contrary!The brucella antibody half-life is about 3 weeks - meaning if the animal was able to fight off the disease (which a few do), they would be test negative very quickly. If they test positive, they are likely infected. Bison and elk swap the disease back and forth and it spills over into cattle when the populations get to record levels, as they were earlier this year. The incubation period is perfect for it to show up now. Learn about the disease before you try to take a stance. I'm a vet - been dealing with this for years. These outbreaks were predictable, when you know the epidemiology of the disease. Too bad all those on the chats don't take the time to learn before they express opinions.

Posted by Anonymous to Jim's Eclectic World at 6/19/08 8:16 PM
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