Friday, August 15, 2008

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Jim Macdonald has left a new comment on your post "Yellowstone buffalo: Borders, migration, and the p...":

Hey, thanks again for the comments. The buffalo situation has been out of control for a long time; last year just happened to be the worst.

I enjoyed the essay you just wrote about the "Academic Community" - there's a lot to chew on there in terms of the nature of community and how it's utterly lacking in our society. Look at this correspondence. You are God knows where; I am in Bozeman. We probably have read things that we are thinking about more deeply than people who are close to us in other ways. What then is community? What are these strange new boundaries? How are some overcome so easily, creating quasi-communities, not so in others? How much more disconnected and connected can we become?

That goes in some part why I feel such connection to the buffalo and to the indigenous peoples on the plains who have been severed from that and so many other connections. If we do this for the buffalo, we take a step toward re-drawing boundaries in ways that favor the more sensual / the more experiential aspects of connection; the ones closest to our perception and being.

In many ways, I think we are driving at the same thing, eh?


Posted by Jim Macdonald to Jim's Eclectic World at 8/16/08 2:14 AM
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