Monday, April 21, 2008

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How arbitrary are the accepted and contradictory values in this Culture of Make-Believe...

As an animal activist, I've had people tell me ad nauseum that I should be putting my efforts towards better, more worthy causes (ie causes involving humans). The most ironic example was when I was on an anti-fur protest in front of a Neiman Marcus and women spending their Saturday mornings shopping in a luxury store were telling me and my fellow activists that we should not be wasting our time!

It's OK for the reasons we are drawn to one cause or another to be arbitrary, but it is not OK for them to be contradictory.

The rich particularities of our lives are our own, and follow from everything we are, everywhere we've been.

It is beautiful, and even logical, that in your life with your particular tapestry of experiences, you are working for the buffalo.

You rock in ways big and small, but always inspiring.


Posted by Anonymous to Jim's Eclectic World at 4/21/08 8:03 AM
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