Friday, April 18, 2008

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Uncle Mike has left a new comment on your post "Report back on action now on Bozeman Activist Web ...":

I am mighty sorry I didn't make it over to that little soiree ya'll had. I sorely wanted to be there. I truly did. Unfortunately, my ol' ticker and I were having a bit of a disagreement. You see, I was of the opinion that it should keep pumping the way it has for all of these long years, and it . . . well, it was of the exact opposite opinion. Well, I'm a stubborn ol' coot, and as you can tell, I won that argument. Howsomever, it did put me out of commission for a bit. But I'm feeling better day by day, and I'll make it to one of your little shindigs yet.

By the way, congratulations on that victory down in Yellowstone. Twenty-five disease free bison can now roam worry free until the tax deadline. And in a couple of years, maybe a hundred can. Huzzah! There's no sweeter smell than that of a battle won, is there?

Nevermind that it cost about as much to let twenty-five live as it did to kill fifteen hundred of 'em, or that all the money that's been wasted on this effort, and all the money that I know will continue to be wasted on this effort, could have been put towards better use by it putting towards better schools, better health care, better anything.

Nope, you got your victory. Next year, twenty-five buffler can rest easy. Congratulations, Pard.

I suppose now we can relax a little and focus on other things that are equally important, like say . . . paper-cut prevention . . . or finding new rangeland for all of these stupid bicyclists that seem to be crowding the streets that were meant for cars and trucks.

I don't know, Jimmy. Just throwing out ideas.

Posted by Uncle Mike to Jim's Eclectic World at 4/18/08 4:56 PM
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