Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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support obama, do ya? think there's hope that he'll support your cause if he's elected president? sorry to disappoint you there, chief, but you know as well as everyone else does that a snowball has a better chance in hell. and that's not racist, that's reality. the president has always been a white, christian male, and that's the way it'll be come next january.

this country isn't ready for the kind of change we need. we may say we are, but we aren't. you can bet that john mccain is already picking out new curtains for the white house. because he knows it too.

and it's not like it really matters because whoever is elected is going to have a huge laundry list things to work on that are way more urgent than trying to convince the state of montana to place nice with buffalo. three things that come to mind are the iraq war, the economy, and the energy crisis. and really, that's just one thing with three parts to it.

buffalo--waaaaaay down on the list.

and while i know that you are going to take that as a slam, it isn't. that's just the reality of life in america right now.

personally, i too support obama, and i hope i'm wrong about the "christian, white male," thing. hell, i'd even like to see someone at the head of this country who is neither a white male, nor a christian. maybe then we'd have some real change.

maybe then we could focus more on saving bees and trees. whales and snails.

and a buffalo or two.


Posted by Anonymous to Jim's Eclectic World at 5/21/08 6:34 AM
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